Challenge Coin Update

Challenge Coin Update

I have never had a challenge coin. It's more of a military tradition that signifies a squadron, or maybe special events, or things. I'm excited that people get to have a limited edition coin with my logo and wording on it that sort of embodies how I think about aviation. The phrase that I chose for the back of the coin, "Fly better today than yesterday" means to always be self improving. My only competition is myself and if I want to succeed, I need to be better than I was the day before. 


It's going to be kind of cool to get the tradition started with Rob Holland Aerosports of having a coin each year. I think it would be pretty cool to make some updates to the coin to have some different artwork on it and make something specific that's meaningful for me that year. 

We will be launching the coins on March 24th and there are two methods to get one: 

1. There will be a limited number of coins available via our merch website ( Head to the website on March 24th at 12 pm central to order one. 

2. We will have TEN (10) coins available per airshow, only at specific airshows, throughout the 2024 year. We'll release the list of shows about a week before the coin launch. Coins can be reserved via email (by emailing once we post the list of shows. No reservations will be accepted before the list is released. You will receive a confirmation via email with instructions. We're going to make every effort to do a meet & greet, photos, and a walk-around of the MXS-RH with those 10 people. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the road! 

Blue Skies, 


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