First off, how is it almost the end of January already? It feels like it hasn't been more than a week or two into the new year, but here we are working logistics for getting Rob, the MX, and our merch tent setup to the first few shows of the year.

The short Christmas / New Year break was nice but with this being a World Competition year for Rob, there won't be much downtime until much later in the year. We've already deemed 2024 to be the year of hard work. Which is exactly what we've been doing since December. I think both Rob and I have taken on more projects this year than either of us has in a while. 

Speaking of projects, we'll be introducing some new merch more regularly this year. Coming up with new ideas and new items is a lot of fun. Rob and I aren't always on the same page with merch ideas and designs (rightfully so) and honestly as a smaller business, we don't have the luxury of moving forward with both his ideas and mine every time. So there's a lot of negotiating and compromise that takes place. I think we would both love if YOU shared your ideas for merch in the comments.

To us it is so interesting the items that you all love. The sticker packs were a few days worth of work creating the art and getting them into production, it was more of an "in the moment" idea that only one of us thought would sell. Now, almost every order that we get has a sticker pack in it. The vintage hoodies we released recently have done amazingly well, but those took a while longer to plan and produce and neither Rob nor I could agree on colors right away. You guys loved those just the same. 

Next week we'll be shipping out your pre-ordered hats for the three new styles (the ones that show up as *PRE-ORDER* in the item titles) we launched. When we had the original circular logo hats, they were always a favorite and sold really well. We're bringing them back in a more quality hat (without the distressing), one that we love, and think you will too. Check all three out here! Also, did you know that you can distress hats yourself pretty easily if you like that look? Do a quick YouTube search for it and there are a bunch of videos will show you how. Or, ask us to give your hat to our office dog for a while before we ship it and he will do the distressing for you. ;) 


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