Here we go 2024.  For anyone who has ever emailed us, chatted with us, had a question about an order, asked for a discount code... you've chatted with me.  We're a pretty small operation comprised of 3 people.  Myself, Rob, and our cool friend who shares my name (Jenn) who helps with orders.  Our sales trajectory kept on the rise for the last few months and I finally made the move to switch us from our previous platform to Shopify, which I'm certain will provide you with a better shopping experience. Plus, this allows us to offer our frequent shoppers with new benefits as we continue to intro new merch. To be honest, I was surprised how many of you are returning customers both in person and online. If you have met me at an event and came back to make an additional purchase there is a 100% chance I recognized you and said "welcome back!".  Having a connection with our customers, some of whom have become awesome friends, is important to us.  I can pinpoint when new orders come in, whether I've seen that name before, and usually I can remember what you ordered last time (something I credit it to having been in the sales world for the last 10 years).  If you take care of your customers, your customers take care of you; the relationship is mutually beneficial. 

To give back to you we created the Flight Line Rewards Club program.  One that credits you back points for every dollar you spend with us to use whenever you want.  Use it on top of sales, save it up for one huge discount, or use them as they accumulate.  You'll even get initial points for signing up, following us on social media, and on your birthday.  For everyone who has shopped with us since we started, your initial points balance will be in your account based on your previous orders, plus your 200 points if you have previously subscribed... and not unsubscribed ;) .  This was a bit of a manual process so I do hope you appreciate my excel magic (and coffee, lots of coffee) between platforms to get your points added ;) 

With the site transition and opening up shipping to some other regions, we've had to limit our merch to items that we ship out of Nashville, TN. We work with some awesome partners who dropship items for us, but if we're shipping internationally that's not going to work. Out with the old, in with the new!  Shipping out of one place will also allow us to offer some more interesting deals and promos.  So, starting in February, we're going to be releasing some new merch.  Good news for those of you who have bought one of everything and have been suggesting things to us.  We love it.  Don't Stop (twss). 

This one is probably the most exciting for me... we've opened up international shipping!  Back in 2013/14 I became familiar with shipping larger freight orders internationally, but the thought of multiple smaller international orders daily, to a vast array of countries felt like an overwhelming hurdle.  If you know me, you know I wanted to make this as simple of a shopping experience for international customers as possible.  I've been getting requests for international shipping since we opened in November of 2022.  While we have opened up international ordering, duties and taxes, (for the time being) will remain the responsibility of the buyer to be paid on delivery as opposed to at the time of ordering.  We'll work on getting this adjusted in the future, but hey - if you're outside of the US, you can now get our merch! Pretty cool. 

As I type this Rob is headed out to Western Tennessee to start practicing for the 2024 year.  It's going to be a busy one.  I just hope the time doesn't fly by too fast because it seems like every year that passes, passes quicker.  I know we can agree on that.  Thankfully, 2024 feels very well organized and much of December was used to plan and get a head start on this years goals.

From both Rob and myself, Thank You for all of your support in 2023 on our merch project!  Cheers to a fun, adventure-filled, and meaningful 2024. ✌️


Fly Good Don't Suck

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